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@font-face Firefox Cross Domain Problem

The other day I encountered a problem when using custom web fonts for use on a project. I had my project content on, I also had my images on a seperate subdomain - and finally I had my fonts on another subdomain My Problem with Firefox I then tried to use these web fonts ...

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Remove iPhone form input border

Difficulty: EasySnippet Length: 1 minuteKnowledge Needed: HTML, CSSBy default the iPhone browser adds an outline to any input boxes that have had their border or background colours removed through css.If you wish to just strip this you can use the following webkit declaration input { -webkit-appearance: none; } ...

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Multi-Browser Friendly

Now I can confirm that after a couple of weeks of testing the site runs smoothly in the majority of the most popular browers. On the homepage the jQuery work slider has met some compatability problems however these have now been rectified and again the dreaded IE6 being the culprit. The following Browsers have now been tested and hav...

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