Find PLESK email passwords

Published: 13 years ago

  • Knowledge Needed: Plesk Parrallels, MySQL, Linux
  • Snippet Length: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy

It appears there is no incredibly obvious way inside PLESK to show email passwords. One way we can check is via MySQL

The database needed is "psa". Usually you won't have access to this database via PhpMyAdmin so you may need to login via ssh and access mysql directly.

Select the PLESK database

You will need a linux user account that will have access to view and select the psa table.

use psa;

Prepare the SELECT query

With the use of 2 "LEFT JOINS" we can get the information we need which are stored in 3 tables.

To make life a little easier a MySQL concatenation function will place the email user name and the domain together.

SELECT CONCAT(mail_name,"@",name) as email_address,accounts.password FROM mail 
LEFT JOIN domains on 
LEFT JOIN accounts on;

The Results

| email_address                      | password  |
|                   | passhere  | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Alternative method...

Edit: After being informed there is an easier way to do this I thought I would share this as @Dataforce was kind enough to pass this on via twitter.


This even shows the status' of the email accounts

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